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1 October 2018

Please note Bathurst will now be on 14th October


21 September 2018

Green Sheeting
It is your last chance to have your cars Green Sheet done at the next/last practice. We encourage you to bring your car even if it is not 100% as it is easier to do a recheck rather than a full Green Sheet. There will be NO Green Sheeting done at the first meeting unless pre arranged with Wayne Dennison.


4 September 2018

Hi all.
To all those members that have paid your membership and provided your picture your 2018/19 membership cards will be available for collection at our first practice. Please all Members/Life Members remember that you must show your membership card at the gate/s to receive the discounted price. So be sure to collect these asap. SNZ require your club to approve your licence which can only be done once signed membership form, photo & payment has been received.
Thank you all. NOT LONG NOW YAY!

Family Fun Car Rally

24 August 2018

Please all Share and spread the word as this is for member, families, fans & the wider community.
On the 22nd of September we are having a fun day starting with a car rally at 4pm starting at track. Prizes for those that do the least K\'s, the quickest time, the most clues found and much more. So save this date for a good laugh and a cold beer at the bar.


24 August 2018

This will be at the track on Sat 8th & Sun 9th of September from 10am until 2pm. There are also very limited spots available on our Practice day for traveling cars ONLY.
Local (Dunedin) house calls will be considered at a cost. If you wish for a house call please call Matt Stewart on 027 225 8870

Kids in Pits UPDATE!

24 August 2018

Due to our Health & Safety policy the pits will be open to everyone until 30 minutes prior to racing starting and the pits will reopen to everyone 10 minutes after the conclusion of racing. All those under 16 will require an arm band or will be removed from the pits until 10 minutes after racing. The limit of 2 under 16 years for each team to be pre approved is for everyone with no exceptions. (Youth grades this means the driver and one other) The child/children must accompany the adult that has received approval to the club rooms to receive their arm band. For traveling teams the max of 2 under 16 years in the pits also applies with the exception of pre approval, the child/children must accompany the traveling driver to the club rooms to receive their arm band. If you require an application form please e-mail No negative comments will be tolerated on this post and may result in you being banned from the page, if you wish to comment in a negative way please do so in writing to the above e-mail or inform us of your intention to be present at our next committee meeting.

Volunteers - WE NEED YOU

25 July 2018

Beachlands Speedway is calling for Volunteers, some of the roles are
Tower Staff
Grade Reps
Crash Crew
Pit Gate

If you are interested in helping please e-mail us at with a brief about yourself and what you like to do.

Thank you from the team here at Beachlands Speedway


4 April 2018

We are ending our season with a relaxing fantastically fun night.
Our casino night will be on the 19th May at 7pm in our Club Rooms, the bar will be open. Tickets are $20 so please support your club and get your tickets asap as we have very limited tickets available. The club is fundraising for a new water truck and scales so please come along and show your support. See you all there! Tickets available at the sign in table on Saturday.


4 April 2018

It's that time of year again, Our annual prize giving is locked in for the 9th June. This year we will be celebrating everyone's season at Wingatui on the 9th of June. The bar will be open (we hope to have our prices to) and we ask you to be seated by 6:45pm. Tickets are $30 each and will be available at our sign in table on race day. Limited number available so please be sure to come and see me this Saturday. Supper provided. Please remember Very Tidy dress with NO Caps NO Hoodies NO T Shirts. We will also have limited shuttle service to help you get closer to home, what more could we want BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you all there

Double Decker Derby

12 March 2018

This will be on the 24th of March so please get your cars finished to be able to have a load of fun/laughs
please e-mail to confirm your entry


27 February 2018

Well race fans not long now. 11 SLEEPS!
This meeting is something that Beachlands has not seen since the 2007 NZ Superstock Title.
YES WE WILL HAVE BOTH THE 1NZ Superstock & the 1NZ Stockcar here that alone is something worth coming to see. BUT
Some of the Drivers that will be here are listed below.
1NZ Ethan Ree's
2NZ Keegan Levien
4gm George Watson
5n Dan McLaughlan
6v Dion Mooney
7h Dave Moore
11g Peter Ree's
15p Luke Miers
22h Les Hepworth
29g James Clark
32p George Frear
35p Matt Phippen
37r Lynn Clark
42r Bryce Wepa
52w Josh Lockett
59c Brad Rosewarne
67g Jason Lovell
72p Tony Norman
77p Scott Penn
78p Bryce Sowry
84d Mark Taylor
85gm Brittany Carpenter
89v Blair Lockett
93s Joshua Trott
99gm Cleve Kolshoorn
174v Brendon Leamonth
229s Kylee Symes
417gm Kurt Browning
521d Michael Arras

1NZ William Humphries
5w Keegan Levien
8b Clayton Hagen
10g Peter Ree's
15p Luke Miers
23c Jacob Brownlee
26s Mitch Vickery
31g Gary Davis
48n Brett Nichols
81v Karl Holloway
95n Alex Bright
127g Ethan Ree's
144c Tim Ross
991c Harley Robb

WOW what a line up of drivers, this is going to be one massive flying farewell from Stockcars for The Ree's boy's.
Remember we are running our Otago Champs so be sure to get down and support our two omigos Mark Taylor and Michael Arras and/or our South Island drivers in this North Island Invasion.

Please if any spelling is incorrect or you can fill the voids please let me know as this is just the information received from organizers. Or even better still if you know of any others we can add.
BRING IT ON - 10th March Green Flag will drop at 6pm

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