Prize giving






TICKET PRICES ADULTS $ 20 under 18 $ 10

tickets will be available from committee members or at the door payment will be
on the night.

Please note that the tickets people have received in the mail DO NOT get you free
entry into prize giving these are just to let us know numbers it is written on
the ticket and on the invitation that payment will need to be paid at the door
when you arrive.

we need to try and confirm numbers asap.


Demo Dreby

Hi everybody and welcome back.

We have had a couple of issues with our web site which is hopefully now all sorted (big thanks to Nick).

As a result I have been unable to give you any updates on last week’s epic win by the Beachlands Barracudas over the Riverside Wranglers. I did suggest that having home track advantage might be enough and I am happy to report it was, but only just. All night the racing was close but the Barracudas managed to edge ahead and take the win by a narrow margin. Well done to both teams and I look forward to next season and see if the Beachlands Barracudas can successfully defend their title.

Next meeting we have the Demo Derby Ramp race to conclude the nights racing which will be carnage at its best. Why not get yourself a car and have a go they are great fun.

Click here for entry form and rules

During the night we will have the Ford v Holden Street cars, Street Stock Demo Man and Lady’s race, so all in all it is going to be another great night of racing.

Also don’t forget that with only a couple of meetings to go you need to get your collectable cards sorted. See below for the full list of all 32 collector cards avalible, check out which ones you are missing and track down that driver after racing, show him your folder and he will give you his cars sticker (but you must have your folder with you). 

Collectables  2016

Production Teams Sat 5th


With only a handful of meeting to go this season we still have a lot to pack in.This week will kick off with the final round of the

Production Saloon Teams challenge.


The Riverside Wranglers are hoping to extend their lead over the Beachlands Barracudas but with home track advantage and only 10 points separating them I'm not so sure. The first two Production races on Saturday will be the Teams races which will determine where the Trophy will spend the winter months. Then it will be all in for the remaining three Production races.

March 5th Web


This week we also have the Donald MacLean Memorial Race for saloons. This will be hotly contended and with the likes of Jarrod Verdona and Ivan Murdoch reportedly coming, us locals will certainly be needing to be on the pace. Although last week at Invercargill Saloon Slam event, Aaron Andrews featured in the lead pack all night and would have to be amongst the favourites. And don’t forget about Newally.


Youth Mini Stocks are running for their Otago Champs and I have seen a list of out of town entries which at this stage was around additional 6 or so cars. Again the locals will have a race on their hands. With only three heats the main thing will be consistency. Let’s hope the silver ware stays here at Beachlands.


And if all that is not enough we have got the Youth saloon grade coming up from Invercargill’s Riverside Speedway as well. Very much like our Youth Mini Stocks, Youth saloons are exactly what they sound like, Youth drivers (most of which are too young to hold a drivers licence) in Production cars . I watched these guys and girls racing last week at Riverside and they are impressive.


Well what more can I tell you. We are going to have a great night of racing and I just hope you don’t miss out. Remember racing starts at 6pm so don’t be late and come on into the pits after racing to meet the drivers and have a close up look at the cars. Why not say for prizes giving in the clubrooms. See you all them.


Next Meeting March 5th

Last Saturday night produced some of the best and closest high horsepower racing I have seen. The weather tried to dampen the nights event but with a quick programme change and a lot of effort by the track crew, Saloon and Sprint cars drivers, the track was quickly back to normal and allowing the drivers to race 2 and 3 wide all night.

The feature started slowly with a couple of crashes in the first 6 laps which resulted in several yellows but then on the final restart it was all go.

Jason Scott from Cromwell lead from the front pushed all the way by Steve Duff jnr, who at one point looked to have pulled off the pass of the night. From an earlier re-start Steve got the jump and made a play for the lead around the outside only to have Jason Scott hold his line as they both went deep into turn three millimetres apart . Steve continued to challenge until having a wee moment that saw him drop well back into the chasing pack. Not content there he worked the high line in a very aggressive style and started an impressive come back towards the front.

However the drive of the night surly must go to Allan Woods from Australia. Very earlier on in the feature he looped it mid-turn while trying to cut under at turn three and found himself back in about 16th place. Allan then went high and worked his way through the field to finish in a very respectable 3rd place. No mean feat when you consider the calibre of drivers he was up against.

I would like to thank everyone involved in putting on such an excellent event. It was outstanding.

Next meeting is March 5th and we have another exciting line-up. There is the Donald MacLean Memorial for Saloons, Youth Mini Stocks-Otago Champs and Production Teams event. The Beachlands Barracudas will take on the Riverside Wranglers in the second round here at Beachlands. Dunedin trail by a mere 10 points but with home track advantage this should be close.

Production teams

We are also happy to welcome the return of the Youth Saloon grade from Invercargill. Last season they come up and put on a spectacular show of close racing and I look forward to watching them again come Saturday.

That’s it for now but keep watching for up-dates closer to the event. And start getting your Demo Derby car ready as that is less than a month away on March 19th. Cheers for now.

sprint cars 4




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This is Sprintcars action at its best.

We are expecting 22 of the best and fastest sprints in NZ right here at Beachlands.

Along with Names like Jamie Duff (1NZ last year), Jason Scott (5 x and current South Island champ) and Matt Honeywell (current NZ GP title holder) which most of you are familiar with, there will also be Nathen Astle (former Black Cap) Allan Woods from Australia and Mathew Leversege who has just been crowned South Island TQ Champ .

If there is only one speedway event you plan on seeing this year, this should be it

22 cars each weighing approx. 650kg and around 900hp……………well you do the maths.

In my book that’s got to be worth a look.

There is a full range of support grade including youth and Adult mini stocks, Productions, Streetstocks, Saloons and Stockcars.

There will be Sprintcars on display both Friday at Hydraulic Services & Repairs Ltd, Ward Street round-about and on Saturday Allen Woods car will be at Otago Glass ltd Okai Street opposite Bunnings.

Come along and have a look, meet the drivers and grab some give aways.

Check out the flyers below for more details and see you all 6pm Saturday.